Makita 18V 6.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery BL1860B

Makita 18V 6.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery BL1860B
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Makita 18V 6.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery BL1860B

With Battery Fuel Gauge

The Makita 18V 6.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery is ultimately designed and manufactured for increased performance, productivity and longer work time.

Makita battery protection technology protects battery and power tool from overdischarge, high temperature and overload current for enhanced performance, battery cycle life and overall battery and tool life.

COMPATIBLE WITH ALL 18V LITHIUM ION TOOLS with a star on the connector plate, has a yellow connector plate with a star or has a yellow connector plate only.

Battery:  6.0Ah

Battery Type:  Lithium Ion

Voltage:  18V

Battery ID:  BL1860B


  • The ultimate power to weight ratio.
  • 40% Lighter than Ni-MH.
  • Same weight as the 3.0Ah, 4.0Ah and 5.0Ah Lithium Ion batteries.
  • Twice the run time than the very popular Makita 18V 3.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery BL1830B.
  • Slide on battery for firm holding with multi contacts.
  • Compact, sturdy, shock absorbing and simple construction for minimum risk of damage.
  • Will not puncture.
  • Foam cell technology.
  • No need to be topped up before use.
  • Even remains cool during heavy use.
  • No self discharge.
  • Longtime storage.
  • Any time charge.
  • No memory effect.

With Battery Fuel Gauge - The power remaining in the battery can be indicated in 4 stages by simply pressing a button.

  • 3 Lights on:  50% - 100% Remaining battery capacity.
  • 2 Lights on:  20% - 50% Remaining battery capacity.
  • 1 Light on:  0% - 20% Remaining battery capacity.
  • ½ Light on:  Charge the battery.

Only an Unbeatable 55 Minute Charge Time!!!

Built-in memory chip communicates with charger CPU to optimize the charging process based on the unique conditions of each individiual battery.

Optimum Charging System utilizes 3 Active Controls (Current, Voltage & Temperature) to maximize battery life.

(It is not recommended to charge batteries on a generator except for an inverter generator otherwise you may damage or blow the charger.)




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